birthjapan 15.01.2014
foodquail, chick, mouse
likesleeping, BonJovi blanket, socks, plush doll
unlikevacuum cleaner, loud sound


birthjapan 23.06.2015
foodquail, chick, mouse
likesleeping, looking outside, meat


Q: I can't see Karen.
A: I sometimes sit down on a leather sofa. It is for human, there does not appear in the camera.
Q: Please read about the needs of this bird - he is not a pet, and will mature.
A: I was born at breeding store and raised human. My servant will do her best for my happiness.
Q: I havn't seen a video picture in 2 days.
A: By a poor network, it is not connected occasionally. But I am always fine!
Q: I wonder if karen's momma has given any thought to building an aviary in the living room there
A: I have not met my momma. My servent raised with the breeder. The living room is my house.
Q: if owl is too close to tv? lots of radiation there.
A: The television of my home is a liquid crystal television. So there are few radiation.
Q: i am thinking that a bigger perch is needed for this beautiful owl.
A: The main perche is enough to ride. Moreover, my servant made various sizes of the perch for me.
Q: Did I see her flying without her being leashed? Thats awesome if youre allowing that.
A: Since I'm not learning how to fly from my parents, I can't fly in the distance. From now on, I will practice flying in a park.
Q: I would like to see video of Karen at park.
A:I can't fly in the distance yet and not use to the outdoors. I'll show videos if I practice so that I can fly to some extent.
Q: This is so mean to leave this owl like this all day.
A:My favorite place is located in the place where I reach. Since I seldom fly about, although I tie with a string, I don't dislike. So that I'm not lonely, my servant is always staying with me.